Benefits of Online Learning - Calana LMS

Calana as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model learning management system offers an array of benefits to the e-learners. A SaaS solution has many privileges over On-premise software with limited operating and performing powers. Instead of hosting the software on a particular site, a virtual learning environment is maintained for the clients in this system. The very specialty makes the features of Calana LMS more customizable and very easy to manage. The SaaS model also enables a faster delivery system in a cost effective way with lesser environmental impact. Frequent software updating is one of the main features of SaaS Model learning system. Thus the most effective learning capabilities can be easily achieved using Calana LMS.

  • Maximum savings on operational costs.
  • Innovative & interesting approach.
  • Secure exchange of learning data.
  • Thorough training process.
  • Wider reach irrespective of locations.
  • Monitoring of learner's performance.
  • More frequent interaction with learners.
  • Advanced test making tools.
  • Easy & quick evaluation process.
  • Automatic grading & certification.
  • No need of particular place & time.
  • Comparison with reports & statistics.
  • Easy access to training resources.
  • Quick training possible.
  • Various learning channels & formats.
  • Online homework submission.
  • Online consultation with teachers.
  • Practice on previous test papers/exams.
  • Facility for viewing results real time.
  • Reference for exam related subjects.
  • Easy review of children's study.
  • Online access of progress reports.
  • Real time tracking of academic skills.
  • Detailed mark sheet analysis.
  • Monitoring of homework.

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