About Calana LMS

Dynamic World of Distilled Learning

Calana stands for 'sequential motion' according to Vedic Mathematics, the authentic system of education prevailed in the ancient India. Now in this era of e-learning, Calana is the ultimate in education - a SaaS model Learning Management System dedicated to the world of wisdom.

Online education has found its deserving place in today's experiential learning methods. Calana Learning Management System is one such example where learning and teaching becomes personal and effective.

Innovative and Interactive Platform

Calana LMS is a Learning Management System (LMS) also known as Course Management System (CMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Educators and tutors around the world use Learning Management System to create powerful and dynamic learning platforms.

Calana LMS is a software package that helps create Internet-based courses, modules and websites. It has been proven to be the best preference for dispensing online e-Learning solutions.

Consistent Process of e-Education

The LMS has become a powerful tool for companies that specialize in training, extension schools, and any corporate looking to get a better grasp on the continuing education of its workforce. Its impact has been felt mostly outside of traditional education institutions, though the same technological and market forces are dramatically changing today's classroom as well.

Powerful Tool for Perfect Evaluation

Options to customize the modules and extensions strengthen our need to meet the client's e-Learning application and its requirements. Planning, implementation and analysis of a specific learning process, creation and rendition of content, rate student participation and student performance, we do it all. The learning platform can be made user-friendly with the provided and consistently updated resources and activities.

Virtual Solutions for Various Needs

The wide range of e-Learning services is available to suit the varying needs of the clients. The complete LMS development and the custom e-Learning solutions are being offered to the education industry. Supporting our clients with the maximum and effective solutions has always been our prime focus.

Competence in Developing Skills

Our team of experienced, young and dynamic designers and developers strengthen us. Our range of services start from the simplest steps like LMS installation and configuration, to the more complex ones such as developing custom module layouts, reporting and role functionality abilities. With the thorough understanding of the software package we help you create the virtual experience of learning and teaching.

Expanding e-Learning Environs

Calana LMS offers 3 specialized Learning Management Systems focused to different categories:

Adya has the most essential things to offer in a Learning Management System. 'e-learning with ease' is the basic idea behind developing this unique e-learning platform.

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Upaya aims to make e-learning possible to the next level with added features. 'e-learning with precision' defines the design of this extra-ordinary e-learning platform offering effective tools.

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Purna takes e-learning process to the utmost level. 'e-learning with complete comprehension' - this concept for achieving competence extends e-learning far beyond normal limits.

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Who uses Calana LMS?

Calana can be used in many types of environments such as in education, training and development, and business platform.

How does Calana LMS work?

The Front page

The Front page of a Calana site - the page you reach from your browser - usually includes information about the establishment itself and can be highly customised. (Note that it is also possible to lock the front page down so that all a user sees when they click on the Calana URL is a log in screen.) How users join a Calana site depends on the establishment: they might be given logins; they might be allowed to make accounts themselves, or they might be signed in automatically from another system.

Inside Calana

Calana's basic structure is organised around courses. These are basically pages or areas within Calana where teachers can present their learning resources and activities to students. They can have different layouts but they usually include a number of central sections where materials are displayed and side blocks offering extra features or information. Courses can contain content for a year's studies, a single session or any other variants depending on the teacher or establishment. They can be used by one teacher or shared by a group of teachers.

How students enrol on courses depends on the establishment; for example they can self -enrol, be enrolled manually by their teacher or automatically by the admin. Courses are organised into categories. Physics, Chemistry and Biology courses might come under the Science category for instance.

Teachers, students and other users

You don't enter Calana with the "teacher" or "student" role. Everyone who logs into Calana has no special privileges until they are allocated roles by the administrator according to their needs in individual courses or contexts.

Finding your way around

A logged in user can access areas of Calana such as their courses or profile from the Navigation block and Settings block. What a user sees in these blocks depends on their role and any privileges granted them by the administrator.